Monday, August 29, 2005

CEE's video resource centres

Thanks to a posting from Nandini from the Video Resource Centre of the Centre for Environmental Education, a network in India, I came across this link. Nandini writes:
We, at CEE, also organise film festivals, and public screenings. We also lend films to media organisations for non-commercial public screenings. We organize these activities as part of our VRC activities. As you may know, CEE is one of the Video Resource Centres (VRC) of the International Television Trust for the Environment (TVE). As a VRC, CEE has been involved in dissemination of video programmes on environment and development and social justice and also use the print and the internet to disseminate information. CEE produces new programmes, version programmes into local languages and also has a large collection of video programmes on environment and development issues.
A search for CEE's VRC's threw up this. And, this page has links for audio-visuals for environment education, both from the video resource centre and films on Gujarat's protected areas. (CEE is headquartered in the western Indian state of Gujarat; I once half-seriously toyed with the idea of taking up a job there, at the start of my writing career.) CEE also says it has produced language versions of 57 Hands On stories in four Indian languages. Hands On is a television programme that showcases practical solutions to a broad range of development concerns, produced by the Television for Environment. Over the past five years, some 150 programmes have been produced (by TVE).