Thursday, August 25, 2005

What more! A billion eyes...

Another, earlier blog-entry brought me here to the One Billion Eyes, Indian documentary film festival. And it does seem like a very interesting place indeed. The 2005 page has links to the festival itself, films, schedules, themes, the entry form and contact details. This year's festival, as the schedule indicates, was in mid-August. Googling helped me find a link to Prakriti Foundation and details of artistic director Ranvir Shah's interests and concerns. For 2005, the theme was animals, art and activism. Say the organisers:
It showed us that there is a growing audience for documentary films and they are very interested in different points and perspectives -- women issues, alternate sexuality, art, travel or identities. Over the years, we'd like to feature films on the widest possible range of subjects. So, we have decided to take them on alphabetically, beginning with the letter 'A' this year.


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