Monday, August 22, 2005

Old Sea and The Man... film on the tsunami

R.R.Srinivasan has informed us about his new film on the tsunami. It's called Old Sea and The Man ("a documentary film on tsunami and other coastal issues", duration 70 mts, format-DV Cam). He explains it thus:
The tsunami that occurred on 26 December 2004 was clearly one of the deadliest natural disasters the world has seen in recent times. Resulting in 8081 deaths in Tamilnadu, hundreds of thousands more displaced, and massive infrastructure destruction, there is no doubt that concerted and long-term attention needs to be paid to the rebuilding of the affected communities. This documentary made in post-Tsunami situation of Tamil Nadu (south India) clearly brings out the range of human rights violations of the coastal communities in the name of “development”. The obvious human rights violations of these communities that result from the so called relief and rehabilitation efforts are many. Through the views of the coastal communities across the coast line of Tamil Nadu, this documentary exposes the design of the State to forcibly relocate the fishing community from their pre-tsunami settlements that amounts to completely uprooting them from their livelihood resources. This documentary also clearly brings out the man-made silent Tsunami’s that has been eroding the lives of coastal communities and coastal resources for decades now. The resistance of the coastal communities to the so called development based on market oriented models generated by globalisation continues.
Some credits: Commentary script R. Vidyasagar, Ajai Jacob. Research and co-ordinator Ajai Jacob. Editor Thangaraj. Co-director and still photographer: Kutti Revathi. Music S.L. Vaidyanathan. Produced by Action Aid International India at Shenoy Nagar, Chennai. Script, videography and direction R.R. Srinivasan.


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