Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Jahangirabad? Where's that?

Gauhar Raza has announced that he is heading the 'Jahangirabad Media Institute' and is currently collecting documentaries for their library. Says he, "I would welcome the help in terms of locating the documentaries and also purchasing them for the institute." For those curious about this institution, see a report on the Jahangirabad Media Institute. It's a story "straight out of Bollywood" as this report puts it -- a group of non-resident Indians from America and India return to give back "a fraction" of what their country had given them. What emerges
out of this "dream" was a magical transformation of a decrepit, forgotten 150-year-old Jahangirabad Fort in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh into a world-class institute offering postgraduate courses in media and mass communication, bio-informatics, bio-technology, para-medicine, medicine and engineering.
For more information about Gauhar Raza, this googled find with over 500 posts should suffice. Right on top is his Evil Stalks the Land. And for understandable reasons, perhaps! It is a powerful historical record of what happens when the ideology of hate takes over.


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