Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Fifth Annual Media That Matters Film Festival : Apply : Application Step 1

There's this apparently US-based call for entries for the Fifth Annual Media That Matters Film Festival. It quotes Tim Robbins saying:
"Technology has been creating a lot of exciting opportunities and new delivery systems. We have organizations like Media That Matters to find new materials, new voices, and new points of view."
QUOTE: If a film is made and no one sees it, does it make an impact? Submit your film to Media That Matters and be heard. If you want to make an impact, this is the festival for you -- Media That Matters will bring your social-issue short to audiences around the world! Sixteen winners get an international distribution deal - DVD, broadcast, web streaming and hundreds of community screenings. Plus many films get cash awards. Media That Matters launches in NYC with a premiere and awards ceremony (previous presenters have included Tim Robbins, Chuck D and David Cross). The shorts are distributed to educators with a Teacher's Guide and integrated into activist campaigns all year long....CLOSEQUOTE All generes (documentary, narrative, experimental, comedy, animation, PSA, digital story, music video, game, interactive online project, youth media) welcome. The shorter the better. Eight minutes max. Films on social and environmental issues sought. Youth-produced projects welcome... Maybe we need more such alternatives for India!


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