Saturday, December 24, 2005

VIBGYOR, colours of the rainbow, in Kerala

Benny Benedict informs that the Chetana Media Institute is organizing the VIBGYOR Film Festival at Trichur, Kerala, from February 23-26, 2006, with a competition in the documentary and short fiction cateogires at the national level. The best documentary as well fiction will be awarded Rs. 25,000 each and a citation. Last date for registering films is January 5, 2006. Check here for the entry form in .doc format. And you'll get the PDF entry form here. And a quote: both fiction as well as documentaries sent for competition should be of less than an hour duration and produced between December 1, 2003 and November 30, 2005. for Fiction, there is no theme specification. Documentaries should be based on the theme women frames, i. e any documentary on women's issues, reality, identity, politics etc. The competition section is open only to filmmakers (both men and women) from India. Apart from the competition section, the organisers have a non-competitive section based on the theme identities and diversities. In addition, they have a "Focus of the Year 2006" section showcasing films on water. Writes Benny:
If you have a suitable film to enroll either in the competitive, non-competitive or focus of the year category, kindly send us a CD/DVD/VHS copy at the earliest, along with a synopsis.
Contact: 0091-487-2330830/2323590/9447000830 Or log on to E-mail: Another quote: Chetana Media Institute, Trichur stands to create free and fearless expressions of the human spirit in life and art. Through media instruction, production and interaction, we facilitate effective intervention in favor of justice, peace and harmony. We have been involved in media training, production and dissemination by organizing Film Festivals and other media events at the regional and national level involving other organizations and groups. In the previous years we had conducted the Small Films in a Smaller World Festival and the Gargi Women Film Festival.


Anonymous Anivar Aravind said...

VIBGYOR FILM FESTIVAL announces Cash Awards

The VIBGYOR Film Festival slated to be held from February 23-26 at Trichur, Kerala announces the cash awards for the Documentaries and Short Fiction films that bag the first three places in the Competition Section.

a) Documentary (Less than 1hr. Theme: `Women Frames')

Best Documentary Film: Rs. 25000/- & Citation
II Best Documentary Film: Rs. 15000/- & Citation
III Best Documentary Film: Rs. 10000/- & Citation
b) Short Fiction (Less than 1 hr. any theme)

Best Short Fiction Film: Rs. 25000/- & Citation
II Best Short Fiction Film: Rs. 15000/- & Citation
III Best Short Fiction Film: Rs. 10000/- & Citation
There will be pre-selection in the Competitive as well as Non-Competitive sections. A National Jury consisting of filmmakers, critics and social activists will judge the entries in the competition section.

LAST DATE for Film Submission extended

The VIBGYOR Film Festival Committee has decided to extend the last date of submission of films in the Competition section to 31st DECEMBER 2005. Rush your entries to our office with the required documents and details!

12/25/2005 03:07:00 PM  
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